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Web Reseller Who is operating in the sector since 2008. And in this process, with its staff specialized in web-based advertising, marketing marketing, corporate identity, digital brand management, e-commerce installation and management, it is a medium-sized and still developing company that carries itself up one level every new day and every new project. In every new project created as a web dealer, we present digital solutions that turn into art in the hands of the staff working with the determination and desire of the first day. While not all of our business consists of projects that are shaped in the digital world, the Web dealership is always composed of data in the real sector with its specialized staff in traditional advertising and marketing and the values it references in its services.

We provide digital marketing and advertising services with optimum efficiency to small and medium sized enterprises.

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What do we do?

Graphic Design Services

Let your business do all the design works we leave; corporate website design, corporate identity design work at your service with our graphic design service if you wish to increase your business volume in the digital world and you can get a good place for you.

As a complement to your corporate identity, you can create regular visuals for your social media accounts that you want to keep up-to-date, and prepare banner visuals for your e-commerce or corporate website. Flyers, brochures, business cards and all your graphic design work within the Web Dealers offer you the graphic design services.

If you wish, you can do a per-job pricing, just get the graphic design service you need from the Web Dealer. We can work with monthly budgeting with flexible price options in periodic jobs such as social media visuals and banner design.

You can contact us for pricing and questions.

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Corporate Web Design

When we say Corporate Web Design, we can say that it is your shop or office in the virtual world. Visualization and useful site for internet users is always important. There are basic elements that determine your website to be attractive. For this reason, a special design work should be done according to the needs of each website and the targeted audience.

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Seo Search Engines Optimization is a complete set of processes to support indexing of web pages by search engines as a result of operations and applications. These processes are a series of sequences that contain unique applications for each web page and which use various algorithms. The most preferred search engine is known as Google. Google algorithms are usually taken into account when performing SEO operations. The most important point to be considered here is to keep SEO web pages constantly up-to-date and original to ensure indexing by Google. Seo Search Engines Optimization is the work of a professional team of operations and should be made to experts who are experts in their field. SEO includes quite precise operations. If it is not done the way Google sets its rules, the site may appear on page 1 in very short times, but this will cause the site to be blocked by Google, so it will block the site and no site in the same domain will appear on Google searches.


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sosyal medya görseli

Social Media Management is increasing the importance of advertising and publicity services on the web as a result of the digitalization of the trade and the rapid participation of the companies in the web world every day. It becomes one of the most effective promotional channels. Social media accounts on the most appropriate platforms by creating and updating the company to promote your company through social media.

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